Monatsarchive: Februar 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Wookies – #1: WWE Monday Night Raw, February 6th 2012

Hello, this is your’s truly Shooterclaus with my first WWE review on the Wookie’s Corner. Normally our blog is supposed to be in German, but I consider writing the WWE stuff in English due to our great support on Twitter (@wookiescorner) – most of our followers just don’t speak the fucking German, so I will write at least this first one in English.

How is this column supposed to be structured like? Well, I think this is a blog that is supposed to deliver short snacks for short breaks, so it has be to the point. So I thought for each WWE show I pick the best and the worst aspects of it and list them – in general WWE shows always show light and shadow, so I should find enough for both sides. Yadda yadda yadda, let’s get this thing going – however, I am only perfect in German and Wookie language, so don’t hassle me for any mistakes. If you do, I’m gonna suplex you, put you in the Wookie Clutch, break your back and make you humble. Ok?

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